Five things profitable traders do that losing traders don’t

smbcapitalTrading Lesson

Ever wonder what is going on the minds of professional consistently profitable traders?

An extremely important part of our firm’s success is modeling what top traders have in common.

These common characteristics and practices are things that you can learn from and apply to your trading.

This Thursday at 4:15 pm (NYC), Mike Bellafiore will be teaching a free online class: “Five things profitable traders do that losing traders don’t”

In this free online class, you will learn:

  • The growth mindset essential for reaching your trading potential
  • The importance of stock selection for winning traders
  • Examples of successful traders finding a niche that highlights their talents
  • How our top traders are embracing technology to play more offense
  • The key for trading discipline….how firm traders build their PlayBook
  • PLUS… the two indicators that almost every trader on our desk uses daily

As always, Mike will share recent trades and stories about traders he has trained, to highlight these lessons.the close.

To join us, add the event to your calendar using the appropriate link below (and set a reminder):

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