School of Algos 101

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Thanks to all for the comments on my last blog regarding algos. I thought over the weekend about the best possible way for all of us to learn about these pesty computer programs and here is my suggestion. I always believed the best way to learn something complex is by using a dynamic and interactive technique. I thought it would … Read More

Traders Ask: How to Recognize Real Order Algos

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Yesterday we received an inquiry from a reader regarding algos. Read the inquiry below: Hi. I have been trading for  nine years now and one of my biggest strengths is tape reading. However, the algo programs are absurd these days. How does the Gman distinguish real buying from some program just market making a stock? Also, it seems like the programs are more in … Read More

After Hours Trading Gameplan

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Yesterday I went home mad about my trading. Couldn’t believe the market cracked so hard and the shorts were so difficult in the stocks I was in. I came home and ITMN opened after being halted. I opened my platform, didn’t even bother to open charts and just got cracking. 20 Minutes later I was net positive. Like Bella says … Read More

Scalable Trades

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Over the last six months or so I have reflected back on my trading and have changed my style a good chunk. I have realized that as part of my development to become a bigger trader I have to focus a lot of my energy on trades that are scalable when the market permits it. I can’t tell you how … Read More

Getting Help From Your Peers

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One of the best things of trading in a group environment is that you can get help from those who sit around you. Yes, trading is a competitive arena but that doesn’t mean you can’t look for help within your group. We love working with Dr. Brett but unfortunately for us he cannot sit next to us every day to … Read More