One Good Day

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Yesterday was a good day for our desk. It is days like yesterday that make me upset the market is not open seven days a week. Trading can be very frustrating but when you do the right things it is freaking sweet. It is nice to see that the hard work pays off. There are days when trading feels like … Read More

wicked oil

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I am spending my fourth of july weekend in Boston visiting my college roommate. While at a BBQ last night I got a chance to speak with a few wicked smart MIT kids. Not surprinsingly these kids have an IQ comparable to the price of oil but when it comes to the stock market most make the same mistakes as … Read More

NKE second day play

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Looking at NKE this morning. Yesterday it was a bit out of control on the open but the stock got easier after it broke the 60 level. I’m gonna be using that as my inflection point; above 60 will keep a long bias, below it will try to keep a short bias. Looking for a sell off to the 58 … Read More