There’s Always Something On The Move.

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If you needed yet another sign that the volatility is low, just look at today’s action after the Federal Reserve rate announcement. Yes, we knew that the rate was going to be steady. And yes we figured that the language in the announcement would be similar to previous ones (Fed plans to keep rates exceptionally low for extended period etc.) … Read More

Trading Gap Downs on Earnings Day

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Every morning I scan through several news sources and rip through charts and screeners to find the best intra-day trading opportunities. The best setups are usually in stocks that have decent sized gaps (anything more than 5%), and have some fresh news (earnings/guidance, upgrade/downgrade, etc.) Today, although I had a few stocks on my watch-list, I decided to focus on … Read More

Making Adjustments

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As traders, it is our job to adapt to changing markets. No strategy or system works forever. And while there are certain trading fundamentals that will always be relevant (i.e., discipline, patience, proper preparation), we always to need to be cultivating our edge and looking for new ways to make money. Below is a quick rundown of three shifts I’m … Read More

Catching the Opening Drive

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Trading the open is a high risk/ high reward game. The moves can be bigger and quicker, but if you are on the wrong side, the rip can really hurt. Whereas patience and conviction payoff on longer term trades, aggressiveness and flexibility are the skills that help short term traders capitalize on the volatility right on the open. Yesterday AM, … Read More