Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

20 habits essential to become a highly profitable trader  Trader Psychology: Every Elite Trader Has These Six Qualities (with Dr. Brett Steenbarger) How To Short A Stock With Good News (Spencer) Swing Trading Strategies: You Can Boost Your Trading Returns With This Simple Options Technique What’s Holding You Back From Being A Consistently Profitable Traders? (We Answer Your Questions) *no … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

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Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

Everything You NEED to Know Before Placing a Trade (assuming you don’t want to fail as a trader) Options Trading Tips: Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Trading Options How to Translate a Trade Idea into a Profitable Trading Plan 2nd Day Technical Trade How to Trade Earnings with Options *no relevant positions Important disclosures  

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

This Trader Needed to Wait for the Real Technical Analysis Setup (Tutorial) Options Income Trading: Why Do You Win So Frequently When Technical Analysis Trades Are More Likely to Work Top Senior Trader on what it takes to become a successful trader Top 5 Ways to Improve Risk Management *no relevant positions Important disclosures

If you want to be a great trader (anything?) you must consider this

At SMB we want traders to be THEIR best trader. Not as profitable as our top trader. Not the best scalper they can be.  Or the best swing trader they can be.  Or the best arb trader they can be.  Nor the best technical trader they can be.  They need to find what makes them them.  As Dr. Steenbarger said … Read More

He taught me how to think like a trader

This blog post by @Cyclops_Trader sharing his experience starting at a prop firm is an excellent read for traders.  Cyclops contributes to the trading community that he developed his trading edge by being taught how to think like a trader.  He writes: At no time did he say, “this is a buy” or “this is a sell” it was all … Read More

Here’s what leads to your trading improvement

During the Traders4ACause Las Vegas 2019 conference @Steenbab, trading coach Dr. Brett Steenbarger, articulated the line of the event. Internally, we talk a lot about winning the trading day.  Setting a daily routine and then competing to win each stage is coached.  We did so yesterday with our new trading class, setting standards for them to meet. I expanded on … Read More