ALL Traders Are Impacted by Market Probabilities

Discretionary traders, systems traders, neutral, mean reversion, momentum, swing, and day traders… ALL of these trading styles and niches rely, to one extent or another, on using probabilities.

  • Discretionary traders keep probabilities in mind when making trading decisions.
  • Systems traders rely heavily on many aspect of probabilities to create automated or nearly-automated systems.
  • Neutral traders need to understand tail risks and volatility.

Doing your homework on market probabilities allows you to either build a better system or focus your discretionary skill on the right market with the right bias.

The goal of Intro to Probability-Based Trading is to give you hard evidence about the setups, styles, and markets you are trading. You’ll be armed with the capability to filter out bad trades, shift your focus to better symbols for your specific skillset, and more.

The first LIVE session is Monday.

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