A trader with more than 10 years of experience trading the SP 500 futures and the forex market.

Founder and creator of Inteligencia Bursátil. Pioneered the analysis of market psychology within the Hispanic community.

A wholly owned methodology based on identifying where the crowds are and where market inefficiencies are present. The specific development of this trading system allowed Alex to foresee with accuracy the fall of the market in 2008 announcing it well in advance in his videos posted on YouTube. He also gave out to the Latin community the levels in the SP 500 at which the market could recover, specifically he mentioned the 680 level and after it the next level was the 1200 level.

Another valuable contribution to the Hispanic community has been the development of live market training thus providing a more direct opportunity for trainees to learn to trade during live trading hours. This is currently one of the best training services being offered to the Hispanic community from which excellent trading teams have been created.

Alex is currently focused on the development of a semi-mechanical trading system based on his methodology.

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