8 athletic brands passing me in Central Park

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New Yorkers take their running very seriously in Central Park. Too seriously if you ask this twice-a-week jogger and now very former athlete. Many many many were passing me on my amble home last night, which at first was deflating…. but then opportunistic.

You see when you get passed by as many as I did you get an upfront look at all the latest athletic garb. And each time a runner passed me, bathed in different paraphernalia, sparked a unique reaction, which may also shed some investment light for some on the strength or weakness of athletic brands.

Here were my reactions, some visceral, after 8 brands of athletic gear passed me:

Nike ($NKE)- guy must be on steroids

Under Armour ($UA)- hmm I wonder how I would look in lime green

Champion- must have been a college athlete in the 80s

Adidas ($ADDYY)- probably a baller on a short run

Reebok ($RBK)- former derivatives trader

Asics ($ASCCF)- NYC Road Runners Club member

Gap ($GPS) must be my hamstring pull

Lululemon ($LULU) I really need to pick it up

Okay I have to go ice down now.

*no relevant positions



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