30 trading habits in 30 days- Take A Break

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Welcome back to our new series 30 trading habits in 30 days.

When a new trader starts to outperform we study him at our firm.  How is he doing it?  What makes him so good?  What in his background could have predicted this success?  What best practices did he develop to succeed?

Let me point out one best practice from a High Performing Trader at our firm.

This High Performing Trader lives very close to our office in what is called midtown east of Manhattan.  What do I notice daily about him?  He goes home in the middle of each trading day for lunch and most importantly a break.

Taking a break and walking away from screens is important for healthy and optimal trading.  Some go to the gym.  Some grab Chipotle and watch $NFLX.  But many take a break.

Find time each day to get away from markets and recharge.  Make this a habit.

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