How do I start as a trader?

Recently I visited Pace University investment club to talk about the life of a proprietary trader.  We make an effort to reach out to college trading clubs and college investment clubs and meet their members.  Some of our best traders have come from these clubs.  Also, college students rarely get to interact with a professional trader so sharing our experience … Read More

ONE Thing to Improve Your Trading

We have built a new Reading the Tape course to help our trading community trade better. Imagine if this course helped you achieve just one of these: Reading the Tape can help you enter trades at better prices. Reading the Tape is a leading indicator that gets you into trades before the stock moves. Reading the Tape can help you find … Read More

8 lessons from the prop desk (The 2017 TradersExpo NYC)

At the 2017 TradersExpo in NYC, I shared 8 lessons from our prop desk.  As a partner at a prop trading firm in NYC, I have the privilege of watching many traders grow from new to consistently profitable trader to high performing trader to even better.  I see how they succeed and why.  I share their obstacles and together we … Read More

Live Trading Class Today After the Close

Bella will be teaching a FREE LIVE online trading class today at 4:15 PM Eastern (NYC).  During this class, you will… Learn about the skill that takes traders to the next level Watch recordings of three real trades that were taken on our proprietary trading desk. See why tape reading is the best leading indicator Discover how to find trades … Read More