Relative Volume (RVOL) Defined and Used

Hi Mike, I read One Good Trade last summer and it really turned a light on for me. Since then your weekly videos have kept me on the right path and helped me improve a little every week. I joined SMB Premium last year and then Trader90 and I’m now in DNA. It was the only logical next step. Thank … Read More

Improving your Trading Psychology with a Hedge Fund Trader

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn how to improve your trading psychology. In this video from Bruce Bower, you will learn: Mind set hacks of a champion How to cultivate the attitudes of a great trader How great traders and investors think What kind of mind set and attitudes great traders have We hope this video helps your trading. Get … Read More

Trading After A Market Correction

In the Spring of 2014 both the biotech sector and momentum stocks were hammered during an eight week period.  I have developed a set of criteria to identify when this sort of market correction has likely run its course. If you are able to develop a system to identify when a major market turn is close then you are more likely to capitalize on … Read More

Trading is as easy as one…two….three…four (Video)

Step one you learn the best stocks to trade. Step two you learn the right setups to trade with these stocks. Step three you build best practices to make sure you do not miss these stocks and setups. Step four you trade these setups and develop skill with them. What could go wrong? Trading is as easy as one…two…three…four. But … Read More

10 Ways to Become a More Consistent Trader

I was sitting across from an ambitious new trader in Troy, NY (yes you read that correctly Troy, NY) enjoying the Brown’s Pale Ale discussing ways to be more consistent as a trader. Now most of these conversations are started by traders who were never profitable. But not this one. This one was with a new trader who had mid-six … Read More

Help! This Isolation is Killing My Trading!

Dear Mike, I am almost through reading your book One Good Trade. It’s phenomenal! Now one of my favorite books about trading, it really altered the way I think – helping me purge the psychological demons and reinforce good habits. I completely agree with your viewpoint that trading as part of a team compounds the learning process. I have been … Read More