Six and Half Hours of Fun!

SMB coined the term “intraday fundamentals”. It refers to the study of news patterns that provide us clues to how a stock may move intraday. The best of these patterns are the all-day trend plays, the result of news that’s so important that the stock may trend for the entire day, no matter how the overall market moves. And these … Read More

A ? 4 the Trading Community- Off-Season Improvement Plan?

We received this question from the trading community, which we will pose to our trading community for your comment: My question is about training during the off-season. The month of August is typically known as a slow month. As a result, next month (August 2010) I’m going to be away from my desk, I’m taking a trip down to the … Read More

Was it Really Your Level? Really?

After the Open we meet with our new class and ask them to share a good trade from the open. There was a lot of I bought at this important level and the stock only went up from there. Was it really the level? So the first Newb saunters up to our 65inch flat screen which displays our charts, announces … Read More

Bella on Talk Your Book on StockTwits TV

At 9PM EST Bella will appear on Talk Your Book on StockTwits TV with Dr. Phil Pearlman. Literally Mike will be talking about his book One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading (Wiley Trading) Mike also will discuss the importance of StockTwits. Please follow and like us:

SMB Trade of the Week- Bearish Momentum Trade (VPRT)

Each week we share with you a trading pattern that we use consistently on our desk. Like most successful traders (all?) we have measured the win rate for this trade. In short we are giving you an intraday trading pattern that works. In this SMB Trade of the Week we will share a Bearish Momentum Trade that we made in … Read More

Traders Ask: One Good Trade?

From Reader Angel: When you refer to “One Good Trade, then another One Good Trade, then another” does this imply that new traders should never have multiple positions on at the same time, but should instead focus on one position (i.e. One Good Trade) at any given time? After the trade is over, then move on to the next “One … Read More