Is Trading Really an Individual Sport?

We are all paid at the end of the month based upon OUR trading performance. It is easy to measure your pay based solely on YOUR production. This is a mistake. Let’s discuss. We have two excellent young traders on our desk Dov and DLE. Dov killed it in the fall and then struggled to start 09. DLE was consistent … Read More

Second Day Play

I like earnings season not only for the volatility that comes from the day a company reports. I also like it for the information that I am able to gain from trading and watching the price action of a particular stock.  This information gives me an edge the next day, which gives me a higher probability that my next trade will … Read More

MS: A Great Second Day Play

The theme of the day is the “Second Day Play”.  Jtoma talked about it on Fast Money and now I will review the best Second Day Play from today.  Yesterday,  MS released earnings and traded in a 2 point range for the day between 22.50 and 24.50.  MS was behaving relatively weaker than the market yesterday afternoon.  When the market … Read More

SMB on CNBC’s Fast Money Tonight

Our very own Jeff Tomasulo, senior trader at SMB Capital, will be a guest on CNBC’s Fast Money tonight from 5-6pm. Jeff will discuss Second Day Plays, sharing how to successfully trade second day earnings plays. Jeff has been trading professionally for over thirteen years. We hope you catch Jeff on CNBC. Please feel free to ask him follow up … Read More

Why do you trade?

Why do you trade? I ask this question to myself constantly. There are many reasons. I think you have to ask yourself this before you set goals, while you are setting new ones and while you are trying to accomplish previously set goals. Let me tell you how I set my goals. I look at my trading career as a … Read More

IBM Pattern

I did not identify the pattern in IBM today until near the Close.   This soured my trading results.  The pattern in IBM today was to create a support level, hold that level with significant volume, trade higher from this support level, then drop, hold a level lower, and then explosively trade higher.  Basically IBM would not explode higher until … Read More

Silly Mentality

For the past week or so we have been on the look out for the turn on the market. We are currently a bit overbought and it seems that the turn could have started today. We had a very nice steady sell off and based on the price action we could tank tomorrow. If the SPYs start to hold above … Read More

28 Days Later

Today I saw strong evidence that the recent market rally has come to an end.  Today was the 28th trading day since the Reversal Day which established the five week run we have seen in the market.  I like to jokingly refer to the rally as the “Obama rally” as the constant bashing of Obama on CNBC seemed to coincide … Read More