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    Trading Skills for Today's Market

The Right Way to Start Your Trading Career
SMB is recognized for its outstanding intraday equities training program. We teach trading skills for today's market. We developed our training program for our professional proprietary traders in NYC. We do not just teach you a few simple charting patterns. We teach you the craft of trading. All that we teach our NYC traders is now offered to you.

The Genesis of SMB Training
SMB Capital is a proprietary or "prop" trading firm that sits in midtown Manhattan. We have developed the very best intraday stock market trading training program for equities on the Street. Thousands apply for just a handful of spots. Recently we began offering our training program to those outside of our desk through this website, SMB Training. SMB Training offers an opportunity for those outside our proprietary trading desk to develop the trading skills of a professional trader.

The Craft of Trading
SMB teaches you the trading skills necessary to become a consistently profitable, professional trader. Trading skills that will enable you to profit in any market, from anywhere, and for the rest of your trading career. We teach you a craft, the craft of trading. We teach you the same techniques and trading set ups that our proprietary traders use daily. Together we will help you recognize your trading potential.

Train and Trade with Us
Our training program consists of three parts: The SMB Edge, SMB Trader Development, and SMB Advanced Training. The SMB Edge consists of 200 plus written lectures, an extensive library of audio lectures and training videos, daily SMB Webinars, a Trading Simulator, our SMB Real Time Audio Feed, One-on-One Mentoring and trading tools. But most importantly, we teach you the trading plays that are statistically most profitable for how we trade.

Outstanding trainees who successfully complete The SMB Edge trading course and demonstrate a passion for the markets are invited to continue training with us remotely. During SMB Trader Development you may trade remotely with us as we focus on your daily improvement. Next we offer SMB Advanced Training. Finally, and most importantly to us, the very best SMB Training students will be invited to join our desk in NYC.

SMB Trading Products
SMB offers trading products to assist new and experienced traders. Our Live Morning Call ensures that you are in the Stocks in Play. One-on-One Mentoring is offered to improve your trading. SMB Webinars broadcast our daily video review sessions, where we analyze our trading. SMB Intraday Alerts share important intraday levels that we have identified. Learn how we trade as a team to make money individually.

There is a right way to begin your trading career. Please navigate our website to learn more our training. And please visit The SMB Blog to learn more about how we trade and teach. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for visiting SMB Training. We wish you the best of luck with your trading.