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Mike Bellafiore and Ralph Acampora on Benzinga #PreMarket Prep

May 29th, 2015 | By | Category: General Comments
Mike Bellafiore was a guest on Benzinga #PreMarket Prep. Below you can listen to his interview and one with the godfather of technical analysis Ralph Acampora. Listen here. Here is what you will learn from Mike during this interview: 1) The market is not fair.  Get over it! 2) One of his favorite trades: Changing Fundamentals Trade 3) How prop traders are attacking markets against the bots 4) Why he was leaning long ULTA, long GME and short $DECK below 70 5) Why DECK moved 15 percent in the afterhours Listen to the daily broadcast live: #PreMarket Prep for May Read more [...]

Who’s Running The Ship?

Feb 5th, 2015 | By | Category: Guest Blog, Health and Trading, John Locke, Options Education, SMB Options, Systems Trading, Trader Development, Traders Ask, Trading Ideas, Trading Lesson, Trading Psychology, Trading Theory
When you think of a large cruise ship and the way that it’s run. Who runs the ship, the captain or the crew? If you’re like most people you would say the captain….. and you’d be wrong.  As you think about all the things that need to be done on the ship, keeping the engines running, taking care of all the wants and needs of the passengers, the entertainment, the food preparation, the cleaning, the navigation, the weather and all the moment by moment decisions that must happen in order to make the ship work; there is no way that the captain could be personally involved in even 2% of those decisions. If the captain were Read more [...]

Forex Analysis: GBP/USD

Mar 28th, 2014 | By | Category: Marc Principato, SMB Forex
Marc Principato, CMT, shares his recent analysis of the GBP/USD.  This includes his long and short term perspective, potential levels of interest, and setups he is actively watching for. Subscribe: Help me write my book: Training Info: My analysis on Twitter: Webinar and Trade Review Archive: -- Marc Principato, CMT,  Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions Read more [...]

From Here You Can Become a Really Good Trader

Jan 18th, 2014 | By | Category: General Comments, Mike Bellafiore's (Bella's) Blogs, Trader Development, Traders Ask
During our recent webinar Solving Your Top Five Trading Frustrations I was asked: What should a new trader expect from their P&L? The video below is instructive in answering this question. It was shared by an SMBU Trading Community member. A Chinese bamboo tree takes five years to start growing—and then in five weeks it can grow 90 feet high. This principle applies to your trading. Instead of obsessing about your P&L, obsess about building a solid trading base. Build trading skills. Here are some key items you ought to be focusing on: a) Learn how to read the tape b) Technical analysis c) Find stocks that are Read more [...]

How do You Use Candlesticks? Trade Confirmation.

Jan 9th, 2014 | By | Category: Marc Principato, SMB Forex
Marc Principato, CMT, shares his beginner series where he illustrates how candlestick wicks offer valuable information when it comes to gauging buying / selling pressure at the moment. They are excellent forms of price action confirmation. Subscribe: Help me write my book: Training Info: My analysis on Twitter: Webinar and Trade Review Archive: -- Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions Read more [...]

A Consolidation Trade ($TDC)

Dec 23rd, 2013 | By | Category: General Comments, Mike Bellafiore's (Bella's) Blogs, Reading the Tape, SMB Video Blogs, Trading Lesson
During SMB’s most recent The PlayBook Checkup with Bella we discuss: A Consolidation Trade ($TDC). This is a basic intraday technical analysis pattern that every developing trader should learn. We discuss: Who cares what $MS thinks about $TDC and how this should affect your trading? A 52-week high is more important than an intraday high in $SPY A news pattern that can lead to a gap fill on the Open How to put together an important longer-term technical level with a short-term technical level to improve your win rate See the slide show of this trade in Power Point SMB PlayBook Template form here. Watch the video Read more [...]

The Breakout Trade ($HIMX)

Dec 19th, 2013 | By | Category: General Comments, Mike Bellafiore's (Bella's) Blogs, Seminar Videos, SMB Video Blogs, Trading Lesson
During our latest edition of The PlayBook Checkup with Bella, we discussed a Breakout Trade. This is a wonderful trade to add to your trading PlayBook. The key for this trade is to make sure you are trading off of important technical levels and not levels you “made up” as significant. With this trade, we show a truly significant technical level in HIMX. With this trade, you will learn how to develop breakout trades with a fundamentally strong method. Watch the video below to work on your trading game for breakout trades. You can be better tomorrow than you are today! Mike Bellafiore One Good Trade The Read more [...]

Enhancing Trader Performance with Daniel Kahneman

Dec 9th, 2013 | By | Category: David Blair, General Comments, Trading Psychology
*****David Blair, The Crosshairs Trader, is a blogger/trader/educator who does a wonderful job of sharing research on elite performance and how it relates to trading. Below is his latest post for the SMB trading community.***** — Editor’s Note Traders who study disciplines outside of technical analysis have a distinct advantage over those who do not. Knowing why we think better helps us when we think about our trading process. It also better helps us accept any number of possible outcomes based on those decisions. Daniel Kahneman, the man behind the recent bestseller Thinking Fast and Slow, has been researching and writing Read more [...]