Leave room in your Game Plan for trades to just appear

We are only as good as the stocks that we trade.  Traders prepare before the open for what and how they will trade- Game plan.  The best traders leave room to observe what is working best, that may just be outside their game plan. One firm trader in his Daily Report Card, wrote on this topic: One thing I went … Read More

Is it your poor trading or the poor adoption of your routines?

One trader at the firm underperformed this month.  In his own words, he is in a nasty losing trading streak. He is a developing trader and working to be consistent.  He actually was an SMB Training student who impressed us so much, he was hired to trade on our desk. During a one-on-one mentoring session with this trader, he quickly … Read More

If the White House walks back tariffs, then…….

Today on the desk we discussed the importance of creating a plan for if the White House walks back its pronouncement to raise tariffs on steel and aluminum.  After this announcement, the markets sold off hard and there were winners and losers. One of the really fun things traders can do our desk is play with technology.  Two traders could … Read More

Collaborating to build automated models

In his Daily Report Card, a developing hybrid trader noted the important value talking to another trader on the desk about his idea for an automated trading model.  (A hybrid trader is one who profits with discretion, AND discretion armed with technology, AND automated models.  They are not just a discretionary trader, pushing buttons based upon what they see in … Read More