Why trade the market instead of Stocks In Play when volitility spikes?

Hi! I’ve just finished listening to the podcast with Aaron Fifield. It was interesting but one thing wasn’t clear to me. Why did you suggest traders to trade the whole market as volatility picked up instead of individual stocks? The price action on indices during market hours seem to be very hectic, violent in recent weeks. For this reason I … Read More

Fast, Furious, and Trading

A year ago, would you have guessed that The Fast and the Furious movie franchise was going to be back so soon… or even at all? Regardless how you feel about the franchise (or if you are even aware that it exists)… it’s hard to ignore the fact that a — seemingly — niche subculture film about street racing has become the … Read More

SMB Futures TOTD – 5/14/18

Yes, the Trade Of The Day, the TOTD – (pronounced “toddy”) We’re going to be bringing you fresh TOTD’s each day that highlight a real trade taken by one of the traders from the new SMB Futures desk. So let’s dive into today’s TOTD. 5min chart: 6E Futures The market and key variables: Our trader was watching Euro/USD currency futures, … Read More

A focus outside of your learning stage as a trader can be harmful

This week @Steenbab and I presented a webinar for an educational trading firm in Spain.  Consistency and the Stages of Learning were our topics, with Dr. Steenbarger focusing on mindset. One slide I developed for the webinar stresses an important lesson for traders.  Here it is below: Let me share an anecdote of a conversation we recently had with a … Read More

The gift of learning during a trading session

In Dr. Steenbarger’s terrific post he reminds us that each trading session is a gift to learn.  He wrote, “Every day of trading provides a day’s worth of review and learning.” I shared a lesson I learned while trading $MTCH today in this video review.  This was a lesson learned after a trading loss after a high conviction trade.  Arrogant trades … Read More