Recruiting traders for Teams that fit their talents

During an interview with now one our new hires, I imagined the candidate trading on one of our specific teams.  I thought he could be a very good scalper.   I could imagine him succeeding on Team Scalping. The candidate had a history of very fast thinking.  He had done the type of thinking prior to this interview to be … Read More

Collaborating to build automated models

In his Daily Report Card, a developing hybrid trader noted the important value talking to another trader on the desk about his idea for an automated trading model.  (A hybrid trader is one who profits with discretion, AND discretion armed with technology, AND automated models.  They are not just a discretionary trader, pushing buttons based upon what they see in … Read More

[Webinar Recording] “The Bearish Butterfly: Play to Win”

John Locke’s recent presentation “The Bearish Butterfly Trade: Play to Win” has now been posted. Traders find this strategy to be superior to selling calls or buying puts since the Bearish Butterfly trade can also profit in bullish markets. This makes the Bearish Butterfly an improvement over many forms of hedging which can limit upside or have negative expectancy. And by adding … Read More

Exciting Opportunity for Futures Traders

This Friday 4:15 PM EST, Merritt Black will be sharing How You Can Join Our Futures Team. Add the link below to your calendar so you will be ready to join us and learn how to earn a fully-backed futures trading account in as little as 15 days. Merritt will be taking questions live and sharing all the ways that SMB Futures … Read More

Meeting traders in Chicago next week because you ALWAYS trade with stops

This was a bittersweet week for traders on the Street. The sweet? We saw one of our top traders post three 200k days.  In one week, he made nearly as much as his best month ever.  His goal of making 8-figures in a year became more of a reality. Our options desk struggled.  They shorted volatility and got stopped out.  … Read More

[Recording] SMB Webinar: The Daily Report Card

  Mike Bellafiore has been mentoring an independent trader through The Daily Report Card process. That trader joined us in a live webinar to share how The Daily Report Card has helped his trading. This independent trader shared his trading journey with you. At SMB Training, we are most interested in working with and meeting the most serious of traders and helping them grow. And even better yet, hiring them on … Read More

The Black Shirt

There is a Green Shirt that hangs on the wall of our trading floor.  You earn the Green Shirt for posting 1m net in trading profits. And then there is the Black Shirt.  For that a firm trader must earn north of 2m in net profits. The firm challenged the trader above, a Black Shirt recipient for 2017, approximately 4 … Read More