Enhancing Trader Performance: It Is All How You Frame It

September 7th, 2014 *****David Blair, The Crosshairs Trader, is a blogger/trader/educator who does a wonderful job of sharing research on elite performance and how it relates to trading. Below is his latest post for the SMB trading community.***** — Editor’s Note Whether we believe it or not we tend to choose different options for the same problem depending on the way the problem is presented and whether or not the problem is presented as a loss (negative) or a gain (positive).  This is known as framing and is just one of many cognitive biases we face in our day to day decision making.  As an example, let’s suppose a physician informed Read more [...]

Recording: Anne-Marie Baiynd: Iron condor strike selection and trading options using chart formations

September 5th, 2014 Anne-Marie Baiynd returns to the Options Tribe to discuss the proper strike selection for iron condors as well as the use of technical chart formations to make options trading decisions. Enjoy the video! We look forward to seeing you at the meeting! Seth Freudberg Director, SMB Options Training Program The SMB Options Training Program is an eight-month program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders who are seeking an intensive training process to learn how to trade options spreads for monthly income. For more information on this program contact Seth Freudberg: sfreudberg@smbcap.com. No Read more [...]

It is all BS

September 5th, 2014 Hi Mike, I am writing this letter to tell you how an ordinary trader can see things from a totally different perspective after reading the "The Playbook". I appreciate your firm for the information it disseminates to the aspiring trader community. I tried to catalog my trades (for eight months—my trading life) as suggested in the book. Results: 1) I make 5% trades with winnings greater than 30 cents/share 2) All these trades come from stocks trading with unusual volume a.k.a STOCKS IN PLAY 3) All these trades are either GMAN's pullback on 3-minute chart or THE REVERSAL TRADE suggested to TO in the book (I call Read more [...]

Making One Good Trade Decision

September 4th, 2014 I'm a newbie, trading for my second month live at a young prop office in Moldova, been trading my account unsuccessfully for almost 2 years before this. I wanted to share a short story of Thursday's trading. In the morning I couldn't find any good opportunities for my approach to the Market, but then came the news in BP and I knew this would be the one for today. So I started to Read the Tape. Once BP got below 45.50 I could feel how sellers took control, then the .56c offer couldn't lift -awesome! and then even better the 50c offer held too and sellers would smack the bids, so I got short with a stop above that. Soon Read more [...]

Members Only Options Webinar: Stan Freifeld and Bill Ryan: Binary Options Strategies

September 4th, 2014 Your Option for a better trading life......together (SMBU Options Tribe) SMBU’s Options Tribe is an online community of options traders dedicated to sharing successful options trading ideas with all of our members worldwide. Each Tuesday, SMBU hosts an options webinar—the Options Tribe—during which veteran options traders and experts in the world of options trading share live presentations. Next Tuesday, This week, Stan Freifeld of Optionstrategist.com and Bill Ryan of NYSE/Amex Options return to the options tribe to complete their discussion on the strategic use of binary options. SMBU’s Options Tribe is an online Read more [...]

The Risk of Shorting a “Low Float” Stock– $DGLY

September 2nd, 2014 While I was in Nantucket on vacation DGLY popped from $4 to $8. I began to talk to our traders about further upside and the inherent risks associated with shorting a "low float" stock. This video expands a bit on my thought process. Enjoy! Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, forex and futures. He has traded professionally for 18 years. His email address is: sspencer@smbcap.com. Steven Spencer is currently long CSCO, DDD, FB, FEYE, LULU, SEAS, VZ and short GLD Read more [...]

We are Hiring! Trading Floor Manager in NYC

September 2nd, 2014 Our trading desk in NYC is looking for a new Floor Manager.  If you are interested, please apply here. We are looking for someone with trading and supervisory experience to work on and oversee the trading floor in our NYC office. Ideal candidates will have considerable experience in both trading and overseeing traders and trading risk. (This position will also come with an opportunity to trade firm capital commensurate with one’s recent trading history/performance.) Necessary qualifications for applicants include: Recent, verifiable track record of trading success (2-3 years minimum) Experience supervising traders Experience Read more [...]

Top Ten Trading Books

August 29th, 2014 I had a wonderful conversation with a retail trader who has read 194 trading books.  Wow! This gentlemen has a passion for trading and reading about trading.  I was actually speaking to him about our firm backing his trading.  He has developed a track record while working full-time in the Heartland. For those of you trading retail who dream of one day trading pro, here is one guy taking the steps to achieve that goal.  It can be done! I thought it would be interesting to the trading community to learn his Top Ten Trading Books since he has read so many.  (In any list like this, there will be many great contributions Read more [...]
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