Forex Trading Realities: The Ebook

I wrote a 38 page ebook titled, “Forex Trading Realities” and wanted to take a moment to let you know what it is about and why I wrote it.

The retail forex business in which we are a part of is infamous for misleading information, misguided analysis and trade stimulating ideas offered by brokers, marketers and others trying to profit from the new trader. I wrote this ebook to share my experience and offer some honest guidance to help the newer trader figure out if this business worth pursuing or not.

My ebook is not about strategies or how to make money in the forex market.  Instead I cover all the topics and details that no one told me as I was starting to trade the forex market.  No one told me how much of this game is in favor of the brokers.  No one told me which information is most relevant to focus my attention on in order to make better decisions.  No one told me that much of the information you come across (especially if its free) is nothing but noise.  I had to learn these  costly lessons on my own.

The goal of my ebook is to help you formulate a realistic expectation about how this business works, how to build a sound knowledge base, and how to determine if an educator you are interested in offers any real value. In my opinion this is a more effective way to begin compared to the typical way: opening a practice account and  placing trades based on random information provided to you free from your friendly neighborhood broker.

A few more things you should know before reading it are:  It is pitch free. This means it is not littered with promotional teasers that prompt you to pay for our training program.  I briefly mention that we do offer education at the conclusion of the book. That’s it.  Oh yeah one other thing: the ebook is free.  The only thing that I ask for is your email so that when I have more content to offer, you will be the first to know.  You can get my ebook here.

For those of you who are truly serious about learning how to trade professionally, I value your feedback highly.  After reading my ebook in its entirety, let me know what you think and what I can add to make it even better.

I hope that my first ebook acts as a tool to bring a strong forex community together here at SMB. One very important lesson I learned about trading is it is best learned as a team and not alone. I want newer traders to come to SMB knowing that we do provide good resources to help improve your knowledge, skills and performance when it comes to trading forex.

Marc Principato, CMT

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