Fast, Furious, and Trading

A year ago, would you have guessed that The Fast and the Furious movie franchise was going to be back so soon… or even at all? Regardless how you feel about the franchise (or if you are even aware that it exists)… it’s hard to ignore the fact that a — seemingly — niche subculture film about street racing has become the … Read More

ALL Traders Are Impacted by Market Probabilities

Discretionary traders, systems traders, neutral, mean reversion, momentum, swing, and day traders… ALL of these trading styles and niches rely, to one extent or another, on using probabilities. Discretionary traders keep probabilities in mind when making trading decisions. Systems traders rely heavily on many aspect of probabilities to create automated or nearly-automated systems. Neutral traders need to understand tail risks … Read More

Higher Probability of Winning at Trading May Not Be What You Think…

Developing traders often set goals to improve their trading by winning more of the time. That last word (time) is worth a minute of discussion. There are two ways that the word “time” is often referenced when it comes to winning. First (and more commonly) it is referenced when talking about win rate. A phrase you’d hear in this case … Read More

Intro to Probability Based Trading

We’re excited to invite you to register for an SMB Live Online Class next week. Intro to Probability-Based Trading The goal of this class is to help you learn How To Leverage Market Data To Assist Your Trading Decisions. Join us to learn how you can improve your statistical edge by gaining a more complete understanding of probabilities in trading. Learn … Read More

3 Tips on Proper Planning for Traders

Your trading plan for 2018 is vitally important to your improvement as a trader. A great plan can help you fulfill your potential. A poor plan can be self-sabotaging. Here are three pro tips on proper planning for traders: #1 Set two types of goals. While it’s fun to daydream about hitting big Performance goals. It’s the Process goals that will … Read More

From Our Desk to Yours: 5 Key Lessons from Our April Trade Reviews

Register now to attend our next online trading class, Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 5 PM ET… Managing partner, Mike Bellafiore, will share 5 lessons the firm’s monthly reviews. Each month, firm traders complete a monthly review on how they can improve. The work traders are doing can help inform you on ways you can improve. 〈 REGISTER NOW 〉 Please follow … Read More

The Market Is Loosening Up

In this video I discuss how the character of the market has recently changed and how short term traders can capitalize by trading market ETFs such as SPY and futures contracts. no relevant positions Find out how you can get these ideas each morning and listen to our desk trade live below Please follow and like us:

How To Trade Large Gaps

In the following video I explain the process I use to develop initial bias and price targets in stocks that are gapping higher in the pre-market based on a catalyst. Also, below links to our live AM Meeting where I discussed each stock as our #1 In Play trading idea. The AM Meeting videos can give you a sense of … Read More