We want to believe you can become a 7-figure trader

Good Evening Mike, I know you’re busy so I will keep this short. I have dreamed of trading for SMB capital since I was a Sophomore in college about 7 years ago. I am a retail trader who mainly focuses on option spreads and asymmetric return trades by way of LEAP options, but I want to apply and make the … Read More

The formula for how to become a 7-figure trader (Chat with Traders Podcast)

Here is a link to my recent Chat with Traders podcast with Aaron Fifield. Aaron gives our follow up chat together the title: The formula for how to become a 7-figure trader. @Maoxian does a solid job providing notes of the podcast here. I love the @DGillies tweet after his listen: That podcast gave me hope. My expectations are now … Read More

Why trade the market instead of Stocks In Play when volitility spikes?

Hi! I’ve just finished listening to the podcast with Aaron Fifield. It was interesting but one thing wasn’t clear to me. Why did you suggest traders to trade the whole market as volatility picked up instead of individual stocks? The price action on indices during market hours seem to be very hectic, violent in recent weeks. For this reason I … Read More

A focus outside of your learning stage as a trader can be harmful

This week @Steenbab and I presented a webinar for an educational trading firm in Spain.  Consistency and the Stages of Learning were our topics, with Dr. Steenbarger focusing on mindset. One slide I developed for the webinar stresses an important lesson for traders.  Here it is below: Let me share an anecdote of a conversation we recently had with a … Read More