Risk Management for New Traders

In our daily video Seth Freudberg discusses risk management advice for new traders. Some key points made by Seth: Get into mindset that you will be in your job for a few more years at least. Trading options can stay in your current job as long as you have internet access 3-5 times per day. Find options strategy that works … Read More

What will they say about you?

What will they say about you after your trading career? I was interviewing a female retail trader for a spot on our desk and asked her one of my standard questions.  She was self-taught, a single mom, former teacher, living in the Dallas/Forth Worth region and posting consistent six-figure returns, with a small trading account. I asked: who is your … Read More

Earnings Season in Full Swing!

Only four times a year do we get the opportunity to participate in some of the biggest moves individual stocks will experience during the rest of the year. To take full advantage of these opportunities, the work often starts the night before and hours before the market opens. What is your process to prepare for trading these opportunities before the … Read More

How to Read the Tape on the Short Side

In our SMBU Daily Video Mike answers a question from a reader on whether or not reading the tape is any different on the long or short side. The same thinking applies to both the long and short side. You must also consider news catalysts, where we are in the overall market, long term and short term technicals. * no … Read More

Time Diversification of Options Trades

Seth Freudberg discusses how to diversify your options portfolio. In our Daily Video he focuses on how time is one of the best means of diversifying market neutral income trades. It’s best to diversify your options income strategies so that they are not all subject to the exact same risks. One important form of diversification is to spread the initiation of … Read More

Weekly “Trading Conversations” That Help You Win

Each Friday, SMB U hosts a live Q&A style trader education event called “Trading Conversations”. These events are free to attend. Click here to register to attend this Friday’s session now.     No relevant positions. Options Risk Disclaimer    Forex Risk Disclaimer    Futures Risk Disclaimer Please follow and like us:

3 steps to win as a trader

In a previous post, I suggested this video on how to win, by Brett Ledbetter. How do we apply the lessons from this video of performance wisdom and apply it to our trading, so we improve? How does this video help us win as a trader? Consider three simple steps to improve as a trader and start winning: 1) Determine … Read More