What I learned from visiting SMB Capital

Here’s a guest blog post from Austin Mitchum, an active writer on his blog A Technician Plays that Market………. I have just returned from a very special holiday in New York. Whilst there, I was fortunate to meet with Mike Bellafiore (Bella), co-founder of SMB Capital and author of “One Good Trade” and “The Playbook”. SMB is a proprietary trading firm … Read More

Execution Trumps Trading Ideas Every Time

The fourth stock discussed in today’s AM Meeting was NXPI. It was gapping lower on very negative guidance for next quarter. A common intra-day pattern with this type of news is an explosive move to the upside in the first few minutes followed by a downside reversal. I noted in the meeting that because the gap was so large the … Read More

How We Traded TWTR and How to Trade it Going Forward

In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore discusses how he traded TWTR and how to going forward. Here are the keys for TWTR: MAUs (Monthly Average Users) Innovations to make TWTR easier to use The success of Moments The Street’s view of @Jack TWTR as a takeover candidate We hope this video helps you trade Twitter better. Transcript Welcome to … Read More

Shorting A Momentum Stock

Last week Under Armour reported earnings and there was a solid short setup. Check out the video below where I discuss. These were my thoughts on UA UA has had a huge run the past year and if the quarterly numbers disappoint many of the momentum investors involved will sell first and ask questions later. This means there could be … Read More

Options Trading Modes (SMBU Daily Video)

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn more about the two modes of options income trading. In this video from Seth Freudberg, you will learn: Greek based trading mode Statistically based trading mode How our option traders develop option income strategies pertaining to these modes We hope this video helps you improve your trading. – SMBU Team * no relevant positions … Read More

Trading thoughts on Weight Watchers, McDonald’s, SPY and America Express

Mike Bellafiore was interviewed for Benzinga Premarket Prep this week.  He gave his trading thoughts on Weight Watchers, McDonald’s, SPY, American Express, MMM, ACAT, CTXS.  Here is what you can learn as a trader from this discussion: The reversal trade in WTW that Mike and SMB made and he is asked about in detail The key level to watch in … Read More