Inside The Trading Vault – Trade Review -DLTR-

SMB will be hosting a free webinar on October 6th where I will outline several trades based on techniques taught in the Vault.  In my last post, I mentioned the Power of Mechanical Process – Today, we’ll discuss the Power of Trade Reliability by this trade review One of the byproducts of strong mechanical process is Trade Reliability. When a chart builds a … Read More

Inside The Trading Vault – The Power of Mechanical Process

If you value consistency, and find it lacking in your trading, The Trading Vault is certainly something you should investigate. SMB will be hosting a free webinar on October 6th where I will outline several trades based on techniques taught in the Vault. Many traders learn the concepts of trading with a bit of a salad bar approach – a … Read More

Job Opening- Director of Sales and Business Development

SMBU, an industry leading trading education company, is seeking a Director of Sales and Business Development to build an effective sales team,  increase revenues, and enhance company growth. The position is located in our midtown Manhattan office, but our market is global, with approximately 60% of sales from the U.S and 40% from international sales. As our Director of Sales … Read More

6 Facts about the Yahoo Spin-off

In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore, shares 6 facts about the Yahoo spin-off. Mike answers a question from a reader at his The Trading Coach Blog. There is an Ask Anything section you can visit to submit a trading question to Mike. In this video learn: 6 facts about the Yahoo spin off the tax consequences for this spin-off what … Read More

30 trading habits in 30 days – Journal

When I interview an experienced trader for our firm a central question is: what is your review process? I was at lunch yesterday with a firm trader, who wanted to chat about his recent underperformance.  Over an apple salad covered with blackened chicken, the trader discussed his waning confidence. I asked, “What is something you used to do in the … Read More

Traders4ACause charity event

SMB Capital is a sponsor for Traders4ACause charity event this weekend in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Nathan Michaud, @InvestorsLive, for organizing this exciting charity event. Just look who will be presenting: Noted trading psychologist, Dr. Steenbarger Market Wizards author, Jack Schwager James Dalton, the godfather of market profile Peter Brandt, veteran commodities trader Here is the full list of speakers for … Read More

Do Retail Traders Have a Chance?

In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore is asked: Do retail traders have a chance? In this video Mike discusses: The advantages of trading for a prop desk The disadvantages of trading retail How you can compete and thrive as a retail trader Yes you can compete! We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills. * no relevant … Read More

30 trading habits in 30 days- Breathe

In ten years deep breathing, meditation, whatever you want to call it, will be seen as important to your health as diet and exercise.  Breathing for 10 minutes each day is a habit to implement to improve your trading. Welcome back to our new series 30 trading habits in 30 days. If you have missed the prior habits they are … Read More