The education of a trader: The PlayBook

mikebellafiore In my second book, The PlayBook, I advocate archiving a favorite setup from each trading session. After each close, choose a best setup from the session that fits your trading style.  Reverse engineer the variables of that trade.  Archive this trade in a comprehensive format, perhaps like the SMB PlayBook.  As traders we should build from our strengths, doing … Read More

Covered Calls are Not all They are Cracked up to Be (SMBU Daily Video)

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn more about Covered Calls. In this video from Seth, you will learn: Covered calls are not all they are cracked up to be They limit upside while hardly reducing the downside of an equity play. They may have a serious tax flaw that is often overlooked. We hope this video helps your trading. *no relevant positions … Read More

The Education of a Trader: Trading on Tilt

Our friends at asked: How do you deal with emotions in your daily trading? What are your tips and suggestions that help you avoid, if possible, making emotional and psychologically caused trading mistakes. @MikeBellafiore Trading on tilt is the 800 pound gorilla on every trading station.  On our desk today there were a few desk slams in this $FB, Facebook, … Read More

SMB meeting traders in Chicago

A quick note to share that I will be in Chicago Monday April 11 and 12 meeting traders.  Our firm backs discretionary and automated traders, offering proprietary technology and assuming all capital trading risk.  We trade stocks, options, futures and automated trading.  SMB, in its JV with Kershner Trading Group, also teaches traders from scratch to consistently profitable, who fit … Read More

Handling Short Term Noise

The S&P 500 is knocking at the door of the highest close in over a month. The path to this point was not straight. 7 of the past 12 sessions saw the index down significantly at some point during the day or pre-market. Do you get trapped into this noise and make adjustments based on the current tape rather than … Read More

The Third Week of More Mindful Trading

The Third Week of More Mindful Trading In this post, I will continue my eight week experiment with cultivating mindfulness and trading. The first two posts in the series can be found here:   Eight Weeks to More Mindful Trading The Second Week of More Mindful Trading   To bring new readers up to speed, here is a brief refresher … Read More

8 athletic brands passing me in Central Park

New Yorkers take their running very seriously in Central Park. Too seriously if you ask this twice-a-week jogger and now very former athlete. Many many many were passing me on my amble home last night, which at first was deflating…. but then opportunistic. You see when you get passed by as many as I did you get an upfront look … Read More

4 ways to trade with a bias

Hi Mike, Just finished reading The Playbook (after One Good Trade earlier) and felt obligated to send a thank you note. I really appreciate you offering this information out in the form of a book unlike anyone else really does in trading! It helped me build even more on my base trading knowledge. More importantly, it made clear the discipline … Read More