Eight Weeks To More Mindful Trading

Eight Weeks To More Mindful Trading The topic of mindfulness has exploded in popularity in the broader public. Meditation and meditative activities like yoga are seemingly everywhere, building on the runaway success of books like Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. This whole interest in mindfulness has only just started to filter through into the world of investing and trading, … Read More

When to be Hard on Yourself as a Trader (SMBU Daily Video)

In this video, I outline one of our best trades of the month in $GENE, and more importantly, what we needed to learn after that huge trade. And I question why many traders are so hard on themselves when they are stopped out on a losing trade. It can sound like this after one of these losses: “How could I … Read More

Open Your EYES!

Take a look at this daily chart for EYES. In the past three months one day in particular stands out. Something that is “not like the others” from a price and volume perspective. What does that day signal? What sort of price action would you look for following a day like that? What trading setups and time frames would you … Read More

Trading Themes–Identify and Exploit Them

In this video I discuss the concept of “market themes”. Each earnings season may present a different theme. By identifying a theme early we are able to put on more risk for setups that are working now. This video was originally intended for those who have registered for our Free Daily Video but the topic is important and timely. I hope you enjoy … Read More

This Price Action Often Leads To A Sharp Down Move

In today’s AM Meeting I highlighted a short setup in Apple. It was based on the prior day’s price action. This pattern not only applies to AAPL but to the market more broadly and is important to learn. When the price action on the Open confirmed my short thesis I entered an automated script to get short between 131.30-131.50. Downside … Read More

Game Plan Review–$FSLR $SPWR $AAPL $MU $TOL $HD

Each Tuesday after the market close I spend some time reviewing trades from our pre-market game plan. The game plan is shared every morning with traders on our desk and SMB Trader 90 members. One of our 7 trading fundamentals is “proper preparation”, which means having a process for selecting stocks to trade each day. Our AM Meeting is one way we help young … Read More

The Value of Building a Trading/Investing Network

On the top left hand corner of one of my 6 trading screens (and above the ice tea with lemon) stands a list of professional traders that I follow on StockTwits and Twitter. This is my intraday trading social media trading network.  I need it to make better trade decisions- as much as my ice tea or perhaps your ice … Read More