EUR/USD Great Trading Range

The EUR/USD is in a bull flag pattern. To us that means long and short potential. Subscribe: Help me write my book: Training Info: My analysis on Twitter: Webinar and Trade Review Archive: — Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions SMB FOREX Trade on your own schedule Learn SMB′s Unique Strategy Trade … Read More

Behind Old Support / New Resistance?

  A basic market concept that can really help to identify important levels in any market. Subscribe: Help me write my book: Training Info: My analysis on Twitter: Webinar and Trade Review Archive: Please follow and like us:

Get a Free Copy of The PlayBook

The PlayBook, written by SMB co-founder Mike Bellafiore and author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade, is free for a limited time for the Kindle here. We hope you enjoy it! The SMBU Team No relevant positions Please follow and like us:

The Options Trading Golden Compass: How to Review Your Trades

One of the hardest things to do while attempting to become a profitable options trader is to find a strategy that you are comfortable with and then sticking with it long enough to give you a chance to play out over many trades. Many of us believe that we can purchase an options trading course or read a book and … Read More

PlayBook Exercise: RHT

Jake Huska is a college student working on his trading game. At SMB we believe traders should start working on their trading game early, just like pro athletes. Jake’s posts reflect a better journey for the college student with a passion for trading. Here’s an earlier post by Jake, “Do We Really Need Rules?”. Related blog posts: First Team Wall … Read More

The Butterfly Options Trading Strategy: Improve Your Reward-to-Risk Ratio

In this article we are going to discuss another options trading “income” strategy called the Butterfly. There are actually two strategies which fall into this category the “Butterfly” and the “Iron Butterfly”. The Butterfly is created using either all call options or all put options where you have a debit and credit spread joined At-the-Money by the short strike price … Read More

The DNA of Successful Trading

“Weaknesses don’t matter if you find solutions.” — Ray Dalio SMBU is launching a new educational opportunity for the trading community. It’s a new structured mentoring program called The DNA of Successful Trading! This is the brainchild of co-founder @sspencer_smb who thought the SMB Foundation, our flagship training program, and its demanding schedule of ten hours a day for 5 … Read More