Are Traders Masochists?

The question open for discussion is this: are traders by and large masochists? Bella and I had a brief chat today regarding the breakout trade in KERX that occurred on January 28th. He asked me to do a Webinar on it as he thought I might offer some more nuance on how to manage the trade where his trade management … Read More

Forex: Are You Really In Tune With Order Flow?

Newer traders usually are faced with similar information early in their learning curve. Much of it revolves around traditional sources of information: charts, fundamentals and news reports. People are conditioned to believe that these sources of information are accurate, reliable and actionable. They base their trading decisions on such information and often wonder why they cannot find consistency in their … Read More

KERX Morning Preparation

Here is a short clip of my discussion of KERX from today’s AM Meeting. It is a small biotech that had positive Phase III data. Towards the end of the clip I talk a bit about how momo funds will push around these lower priced biotechs without regard for percentage moves. Too many times I have seen the DNDNs ARNAs … Read More

Guest Webinar: 3 Intra-day Time Frames

Steven Spencer will be breaking down the three major categories of trades that can be made intra-day by time frame. It has become increasingly clear during the past several years that certain intra-day trades should be de-emphasized and others given more attention. Steve will break down a trade from each category and then explain how to best allocate your time. … Read More

NFLX Pre-market Analysis

I wanted to share this clip from today’s AM Meeting. It is a reminder that stocks can go MUCH FARTHER than you expect. Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University and has traded professionally for 16 years. His email is [email protected] No relevant positions Please follow and like us:

Forex: What’s In Your Process?

Recently I sat through an excellent presentation about trading psychology. One thing that I learned about the best of the best traders is that their most common trait is something called “process”. Process is just another name for routine. It took me a very long time to realize how important this one concept is for the developing trader. The main … Read More

This is How You Trade COH

I received this question from a foreign college student who took our college training program during the summer. It is a wonderful program for passionate college traders interested in trading pro. Let’s check out his question and my answer below. I would be happy to answer any questions in the comments section or at [email protected] Trade well! Today I had … Read More