Spencer Trade Review–$TSLA

Steve discusses a few trades in $TSLA from September 28th and contrasts with how a newb trader handled the same setup. Steve Spencer *no relevant positions Please follow and like us:

Create Your Forex Watch List And More With Raghee Horner

On Wednesday 10/3 at 4:30PM ET Raghee Horner, Chief Currency Analyst at IBFX and 15 year veteran will be sharing how she finds currency pairs worth watching for the trading day. This is what she refers to as her Forex Watch List. In addition, Ms. Horner is going to show us what tools she uses to confirm trends. This is … Read More

Capital Markets and Unintended Consequences

Marc Cuban wrote a blog post a few days ago offering some suggestions for restructuring US equity markets. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cuban he is a successful internet entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. The premise of Cuban’s blog was that over the years “Wall Street” has lost its way and has devolved into a … Read More

High Beta, High Probability

It is my belief that for a short term trader to reach the upper echelon of their profession they have to have an extensive playbook. As we train and watch new traders develop we have found that those who become profitable master one or two of their best setups. The few that go on to further success become very good … Read More

What’s Your Number?

If you hang around long enough in the investing or banking communities of New York or London, you’ll soon hear the infamous question: “What’s your number?”. The first time, you answer by rattling off your phone number; then you realize that the question has nothing to do with speaking on the phone. “Your number” is usually the number at which … Read More

Where and How to Buy KBH

So KBH outperformed the market yesterday.  There were many tweets on @stocktwits asking where and how to buy.  This chart below gives you an entry to consider.  It was produced by an SMB Trader and sent to his desk with the simple message: ” add this picture to your playbook. memorize this pattern. KBH @ 14.28.”  We call this a … Read More

What is Your Motivation to Be a Trader?

There are different styles of trading for different people. One of the keys to have success in trading is to find out what it signifies for you on a personal level and what you want to obtain of the future and economic benefits. To have a satisfactory and well rounded career, it is necessary to have an incentive that goes … Read More