SMB Fundamental #7: Replaying Your Important Trades

Back in early 2006 we established what have become known as the SMB Fundamentals. They are a list of 7 trading principles that SMB believes should be followed for every single trade. Fundamental #7–Replaying your important trades–trades that offered a ton of opportunity—help you mentally prepare and execute at a higher level when faced with a similar trading scenario in … Read More

Not Much In Play—Be Very Selective

This is a time to be cautious as a short term trader. Volume is light and there is not much In Play. The SMB Radar is our insurance policy during slow market times to make sure we focus our energy on the stocks with the best risk/reward setups. When I look at the Radar during the day and most of … Read More

Even One Trade A Day Can Be Over Trading

We had an interesting question the other day: What would be a reasonable range for total number of trades per instrument for an active intraday trader? And is there a different range for something like a stock-in-play vs. SPY or EUR/USD? I’m working on discretionary trading along with algorithmic strategies and I just want to gauge your opinion on when … Read More

What is your giveback rule?

Yesterday in a daily trading review a trainee wrote with disgust about giving back too much of his early profits. I really hate what I did today… basically gave back 90% of my net on the day by trading like a jackass. It just started with one bad trade and snowballed into a few more, and before I knew it, … Read More

Free Webinar – Systems Trading Tools

Rick Martin, lead developer of SMB Systems Trading LLC,  will be discussing system trading tools to use in your trading – what they are, how to know if they will work and if you have what it takes to add a computer to your trading and tune them to fit your trading style. Questions from attendees will be answered at … Read More