Time To Pay For That Expensive Handbag

COH was one of the best trading opportunities last week.  It is set up very nicely for another leg higher.  The trigger buy is above 50.25.  Add to the position if holding above 50.80.  If this trade works you should be able to afford that dopey handbag your significant other has been bugging you to buy for her. Please follow … Read More

The Fixed vs Growth Mindset: The Consequences (Part III)

With a growth mindset a trader believes through effort that they can be much better than they are today. With a fixed mindset the trader believes they can only go so far as their innate talent will allow. In Part I we posed two hypothetical traders, Trader A with a fixed mindset, and Trader B with a growth mindset and asked our … Read More

The Growth Mindset: An Example (Part II)

Yesterday, behind closed doors, I spoke with one of our traders about a better next month. I bet this off-the-charts motivated trader $250 that he would make over 20k next month if he made two solution-based adjustments to his trading. I added a caveat that if he made 30k plus he owed me lunch. Later that evening he unveiled his … Read More

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset (Part I)

Trader A underperforms for a month and meets with the Head Trader of the firm. The Head Trader asks why Trader A thinks he is not doing as well as he can. Trader A claims his underperformance relates to where he is sitting, his filters program being buggy, and the girl he is dating. The Head Trader offers some adjustments … Read More

Tape Reading Techniques – Traders Expo

Gilbert Mendez Tape Reading Techniques That Can Help You Execute the Best Intraday Swing Trades $245 per person if purchased by November 4 $295 per person after November 4 Thursday, November 18, 2010 | 8:30 am – 12:30 pm Steven Spencer Steven Spencer, partner, and Gilbert Mendez, partner, are part of SMB Capital, the only trading firm in the United … Read More