Good on Paper (GOP): Be Respectful

I just handed in my manuscript for One Good Trade to Wiley. I am relieved to have this behind me. During my editing process I discarded some humorous anecdotes that just did not quite fit with my book. I thought you might enjoy this one interview I had with a prospective prop trader candidate. GOP: Be Respectful This next interview occurred … Read More

Understanding Inflection Points

A core part of SMB’s trading philosophy is identifying inflection points in the stocks we trade each day. These are prices where battles take place between buyers and sellers. After a battle is over a stock will typically move very powerfully away from these prices. Sometimes stocks will touch these prices two, three, or even four times in a day. … Read More

From the Mailbag

I received this email from Reader Josh.  This is a very interesting dilemma he finds himself in as a new trader.  For SMB Readers do you have any advice to offer Reader Josh? Hello Bella, I believe my question is geared towards adjustments.  I am 25 years old.  I have been playing poker and making money in it since 2004 … Read More

StocktwitsTV – Live From the SMB Classroom with Bella

Last night, SMB Capital’s Mike Bellafiore appeared on StocktwitsTV to discuss trading rules. Mike discussed why it is important for active intraday traders to develop a set of trading rules. Click here to watch the clip. Mike appears on StocktwitsTV every Sunday at 8:30pm so be sure to tune each week to watch the show. Please follow and like us:

Reading the Tape with Gman: How to Use Levels to Win

Gman, head trader at SMB Capital, wrote an excellent article for Wall Street Cheat Sheet about using tape reading skills to identify and take advantage of key intraday and longer term levels. You can read the full article here. Please follow and like us:

SMB in

Mike Bellafiore, partner at SMB Capital, was cited yesterday in an article on about the weakness in DRYS. You can read the full article here. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! Please follow and like us:

Ya Gotta Be Flexible

As an intraday trader I need to make many adjustments during each trading session.  I have to determine if a stock is a short, a long, or a no trade.  I may also make adjustments in how I am entering and exiting my position.  If I don’t keep an open mind it is impossible to make the adjustments necessary to … Read More

SMB Capital on StockTwits TV

Today, SMB Capital’s Steve Spencer appeared on StockTwitsTV to discuss the Market and the stocks in play for the day. Steve also answered several questions from our viewers about our trading style and, specifically how the Market influences our best morning ideas. SMB Capital appears on StockTwitsTV every M, W, F at 2pm so be sure to tune in. Watch … Read More