S&P 500 Where is the Top?

 The S&P has recently come off all time highs.  What bullish and/or bearish scenarios are possible this week? — Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

How Do You Add To Your Trade?

 Our trainee Petr shares a trade he took in GBP/USD. Great example of how to add to a position. Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

Trading: It’s About Context

Before I get into the topic of context in trading, I want to make sure you know about the great resources available to you. You can learn a great deal about our methodology and concepts from the educational videos that I produce on my Youtube channel. As I coach less experienced traders through our methodology, a big part of my … Read More

Adapting The Technical Perspective

Many mainstream trading books about forex trading love to talk about the importance of combining a fundamental view and a technical view of the market.  That’s great if you are going to be interviewed on a popular financial media outlet.  Fundamentals make you sound smart, and smart is sexy.  The problem is fundamentals generally look at the market from a … Read More

GBPUSD Where to From Here?

 The U.S. Dollar has been weak and technical structure still points to further weakness. — Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

Aware Of Your Thought Framework?

When first starting out trading any instrument, many beginners already have a thought framework in place whether they are aware or not. Most of the time, this thought frame work is conventional in nature.  This means that their reasoning process relies on things like conventional market wisdom, other peoples opinions and gut feelings. From the start, new traders are set … Read More

S&P, EURUSD Still In Resistance Zones?

S&P and EURUSD are gyrating in broad resistance ranges. Timing a short all depends on price structure. — Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions