Becoming One of the Chosen Few

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This weekend I was invited by Stocktwits and the Money Show to speak at the LA Trader Expo in Pasadena. One of the most awesome things about the Internet and our young trading blogosphere is how much free trading content is obtainable. GMan and I refer to this as domain knowledge. And acquiring domain knowledge is an import ingredient to … Read More

Top StockTwits Traders’ Strategy Talk

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Mike Bellafiore, co-founder of SMB Capital, and Author of One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading will be in Los Angeles for the International Traders Expo this week. The expo showcases some of the worlds’ most respected trading experts. Mike is scheduled to speak at the Expo with other StockTwits traders to share and compare their … Read More

Confirmation Bias

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Today I fought confirmation bias.  Confirmation bias is processing information in the market so that it fits your preconceived opinions.  You overvalue all the information that backs your preconceived thoughts.  You ignore all the information that counters your belief.   @steenbab (Twitter handle) and @thekirkreport have written about confirmation bias in their blogs previously.  I wanted to share how I had … Read More

From the Mailbag- RIMM

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I received this question last night about a recent Tweet where we suggested an excellent entry for RIMM.  Let’s read the question and then discuss. Dear Mike, I have been following SMB via Twitter and your blogs for some time now and have got a lot out of the posts. So thank you and all at SMB for that. I … Read More