Jared Levy on Fox Business: Should Investors Jump Into Stocks on Dow’s Record Highs?

Jared Levy, host of SMB’s upcoming comprehensive video series on directional vertical spreads and author of Visual Guide to Options (Bloomberg Financial), appeared on Fox Business yesterday to discuss trader sentiment and how traders should focus on quality stocks. If you would like to watch one of his Options Tribe Webinars, please click here for the recording of “Selecting Vertical … Read More

Looking for a Bounce

When a momentum stock makes a misstep the market is very unforgiving. A few weeks ago we saw NFLX get hammered dropping around 80 points in a four-day period. This caught the attention of many short term traders. When a stock moves that far that quickly there is a lot of money to be made on the short side but … Read More

SMB Radar Update for July 28, 2011

There has been a lot of long and short opportunity in the market today. Here is a snap shot of some strong and weak stocks based on the SMB Radar going into the close. The Strong/Weak Today column ranks stocks based on the price change relative to the stock’s opening price. These stocks tend to have strong/weak opening drives and continuation … Read More

The Market as a Handful of Stocks

The last couple of days I have been baffled by the market being defined by a handful of stocks. If you’re not in them you have no shot in heck of making any money. Honestly, these days I tend to have about 20–30 positions both on the short and long, market stocks, little stocks, and just about a piece on … Read More

Tools of the Trade

The best short term traders have a multitude of ways to make money.  They are able to recognize patterns on the Box, they will take advantage of great technical setups, or they may identify the overall strength/weakness of the market on any given day. Today I was unable to trade due to a never ending flu.  I don’t have access … Read More

Why Trade Stocks in Play?

SMB Capital trades Stocks in Play. Our traders are taught how to find such stocks. And during our SMB AM Meeting we review the best Stocks in Play for a particular trading day. Over the past few years I’ve had quite a few conversations with interviewees, including “experienced traders”, about this core trading philosophy. Some don’t seem to grasp the … Read More

Fire Sale Prices on CROX

I have to start off by saying that I do own a pair of crocs. I don’t wear them very often out in the city but when out on vacation I sport those bad boys out. Yes, they are very comfortable and oh boy are they some ugly-looking shoes. But hey, I will give up fashion over comfort on any … Read More