The Right Daily Stop Loss Amount

There is a fine line between failing and making it as a trader. Whether you trade with a prop firm or trade for yourself it is important to have an appropriate stop loss. Having too small of a daily stop loss will keep you out of the game too many times and will impair your ability to grow as a … Read More

What if I am Wrong?

I made some chops trading RIMM afterhours yesterday. More importantly I learned important levels. A ton of volume was done at 41 and 41.40 was a huge seller. Today my game plan was to aggressively buy if RIMM traded above 41.40. I was wrong. I had expected RIMM to fly after it held above 41.40. It didn’t. There was a … Read More

What to Trade These Days

As Bella pointed out, last Friday was difficult. There were so many reversals that it was frustrating to trade any stock. Market stocks overreacted to moves in their corresponding futures and levels were not respected. I lost on so many fade trades in which I would buy a stock that quickly retraced to a support level and continued going lower … Read More

Fire Sale Prices on CROX

I have to start off by saying that I do own a pair of crocs. I don’t wear them very often out in the city but when out on vacation I sport those bad boys out. Yes, they are very comfortable and oh boy are they some ugly-looking shoes. But hey, I will give up fashion over comfort on any … Read More