How to Choose an Options Trading Platform

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A key consideration in finding the right options broker for you is knowing which features of the broker’s trading platform are important to your options trading strategies. There are some very different approaches to delivering charts and quotes.  So some of the questions you should be asking when considering an options trading platform are as follows: 1)      What options for … Read More

Another Great Look at an “Income” Trade

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After holding a couple of free live webcasts over the past month discussing earnings trades and adjustments, here’s yet another look at an “income” type of trade.  This one popped up as a trade yesterday as the VIX starting pushing 15.  But the reason for the move up in volatility becomes a two-edged sword.

Options Trading Commissions: Choosing the Best Broker

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In our continued discussion about picking a broker for your options trading, one must always consider commissions. As discussed in our previous article, the good news is that rates are more competitive than at any other time. When you are just starting out learning how to trade options there are many brokers to choose from and just as many different … Read More