Forex: The Professional Trader is the Prepared Trader

When you turn on your computer each morning and you look at your favorite forex pairs, can you tell me exactly what levels you are most interested in taking action on? Can you give me a good argument as to why you would be looking for longs or shorts at these particular prices? If you can’t answer these two questions … Read More

One’s Over Reaction is Another’s Opportunity

EUR/USD chart example

Volatility has ticked up in recent weeks. It’s about time. The major U.S. equity indices and currency markets have presented some sizable intraday movements. Uncertainty is beginning to re enter the markets. This is the time when traders shine the most. This is when the average traders improve and the good traders become great. Investors and uninformed watch their accounts … Read More

The Bottoming Process

There is a lot of money to be made in a stock that has been beaten down.  Generally, after a stock has been destroyed for some fundamental reason it will have some type of longer term bounce where traders can gather information from its price action over the course of several weeks.  In the case of RIG it bottomed back … Read More