Trading: It’s About Context

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Before I get into the topic of context in trading, I want to make sure you know about the great resources available to you. You can learn a great deal about our methodology and concepts from the educational videos that I produce on my Youtube channel. As I coach less experienced traders through our methodology, a big part of my … Read More

Do You Know Your Greatest Trading Obstacle?

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An interesting thing happens when newer traders are asked about their greatest trading obstacle.  Much of the time you hear things like, “I need to stick to my plan more,” or, “I need to learn how to hold my winners longer”, or some other isolated behavior.  What newer traders need to realize it is not an isolated behavior, but instead … Read More

My Favorite Candlestick Pattern

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Before I get into my favorite candlestick pattern, I want to first mention that I am in the process of writing a book about forex trading for Wiley & Sons. I want this book to be one that will actually help you improve your trading skills. So I am not writing what I think be beneficial to you, instead I … Read More

Forex: Too Much Information

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Ever been in one of those conversations with a friend who doesn’t know how to filter his story and includes the kind of detail about a hot date that you really didn’t need to know? We all have. Your friend just painted a visual picture of details that not only provides absolutely no value to you whatsoever, but can even … Read More