Is it bad to sell options premium in low volatility times?

In this video, we review the myth that trading in low volatility times is unfavorable. Most options traders complain when volatility is low because they are getting paid less well for options risk. But the evidence seems to show that low volatility times are actually more profitable than high volatility times.

What’s Your Culture?

In this video Mike Bellafiore discusses why it’s vital to develop your own culture whether you are running a trading firm or trading for yourself.

Using Filters for Options Trading

In this video, Seth Freudberg discusses the considerations in trading options strategies using filters. Some traders like to use filters to find trading candidates for particular strategies. There are some dangers in using filters to set up options trades for strategies for unfamiliar ticker symbols.

The 9-Step Plan to Trading a 7-Figure Options Account

Tomorrow is the first Options Strategy Workshop for 2017! Do you have the goal of becoming a more consistently profitable trader this year? If so, you should attend tomorrow’s workshop where Andrew Falde will be sharing “The 9-Step Plan to Trading a 7-Figure Options Account” Andrew is a professional money manager, one of SMB’s top performing options desk traders, the … Read More

Which Options Model Are You Relying On?

Every week, options traders like you are sending in questions like one of these: Which options model should I use? Which modeling software is more accurate? Why are my Deltas different than yours? To best answer that question, we should leave the theoretical world and move into the real world… Several of the top performing options traders on our proprietary … Read More

“Just Tell Me What to Do”

Developing traders are sometimes humble (or desperate) enough to make a request for help that sounds something like “just show me”, “give me a step by step”, “what’s an if-then that I can use”, etc. The response we provide is usually disappointing. The developing trader wants the answer to begin with “whenever you see this happen, do this…”. However, our … Read More