John Locke’s Super Simple Spreads Course to be Available Later this Month

We’re excited to announce our upcoming options trading course that teaches: FOUR systematic strategies that options traders can use to trade high probability spreads that actually have a high probability of success… WITHOUT taking excessive risk. John Locke is one of SMB’s top options traders — and our firm backs several traders that use John’s strategies. We put our money where … Read More

Learn a Trade You Can See Everyday with $BABA (video)

In this video, I discuss a trade setup in $BABA that you can see everyday. $BABA was definitely In Play yesterday  but more importantly a setup that offers an excellent risk/reward appeared. This setup can be attacked as a swing trade or a scalp. I hope this video gives you a new trade to consider for your trading. Sign up to … Read More

What is the proper risk/reward for a trade?

What is the proper risk/reward for a trade? Is it 2×1? Is it 3×1? 5X1? 10X1? In this trader training video I recommend a risk/reward for the developing trader, answering a question from a trader I met in Asia. I hope it helps you develop a standard for the risk/reward you will take in trades. Am I right in this … Read More

Trading Psychology – Recording Your Emotions (video)

I am cranky today as I share in our free daily video. I share a best practice with trade psychology that you can incorporate into your trading in our latest video. Learn to record your mood before each open and find patterns with your trade results that can improve your PnL. I hope that my foul mood today can help … Read More