Charles Kirk of The Kirk Report shares the essential message that your practice dictates your success as a trader. “Being a good trader is not the same as being a good technician,” wrote Gary B. Smith is a excellent article- Time is Money. Make sure you are trading well at your current share size before trading bigger, advices Dr. Steenbarger, … Read More

The Importance Of Not Relinquishing Gains

This morning I came in long a small overnight position in QCOM. Chop Spencer! But based on several factors I was looking for another sizable up leg. I bought additional shares right on the Open when a seller at 42.50 was lifted. QCOM quickly traded up another point. I took my profits when the buying pattern changed in the 43.70s. … Read More

7 Steps of One Good Trade

Bella sits down with to discuss the 7 steps of One Good Trade that all active intraday traders should practice.

Awesome Links of the Week

During a StockTwits seminar at the NASDAQ I remarked that new traders who wish to become great must train like an elite performer, and Olympic athlete. Well here is the training of speed skater Apolo Ohno.  Do you work as hard in a focused way as him as a trader?  If not then why would you expect to become a … Read More

What Type of Market Are We In?

We are in a downtrending market!  What?  We are in a downtrending market!! What? downtrend!!!!!! What does this mean for short term traders? Short stocks if they pop to previous support levels If the market trends up for two days then pray for a third day gap up so you can short the market!! Trade with less size as downtrending … Read More