Traders Ask: When Do We Switch From Momentum to a Position Trade?

Bella, I have attached a couple plays from this week. I don’t have the the tape for them but I explain it with the arrows. I also had a quick question. Today i my worst day trading NYX. There was so much volume done in a tight range that I expected an explosive move up once the stock showed its … Read More

Momentum Scalp Trade (V)

This Monday we made a Momentum Scalp Trade in Visa, stock symbol V. Perhaps you can make this trading pattern your own. Let’s set up the trade: On Monday June 21st V exploded intraday. Monday afternoon U.S. politicians reached an agreement on the regulation of interchange, or “swipe” fees on credit and debit card transactions. This language was expected to … Read More

Traders Ask- When Do You Buy? (Breakout Trade)

I received these questions from Reader Renato: Hi Mike, Hope this mail will find you well. I watched your stocktwits video on breakout trades (AEM trade). Since that is one of the setups I find most appealing, decided to ask you something. Very often, breakouts don´ t offer a lot of opportunities to enter the trade, since there is a … Read More