When to Play Whack-A-Mole with a Level

A few days ago I was leading a conference call of some remote day traders. One of the questions was: “How do you determine when to try a trade more than once at a level”? I simply answered: “When the risk/reward says it’s okay.” Playing whack-a mole at a level can be frustrating and you have to be careful that you … Read More


Bella discusses how RIMM behaved after it cleared an important resistance level from the prior day

An Intraday Educational Foundation

At SMB we think carefully and obsessively about our core competencies. It all starts with providing an excellent trading education, an educational foundation for our intraday traders. Steve and I can really get into it about what is most important to be taught to our desk. Hey we have been friends since we were six. An outsider might find some … Read More

On the Open

Often new traders state, “I can’t trade the Open.”  And then they decide to just watch for the first 15 minutes of trading.  But doing this eliminates some easy money for you.  And understand it is not that you cannot trade the Open, it is that you trading the Open poorly.  But there are certain set ups that offer an … Read More