StocktwitsTV – Live From the SMB Classroom with Bella

Last night, on StocktwitsTV Mike Bellafiore discussed the price action on Friday in GS and the Market, what to expect on Monday, and how to trade breaking news stories that may occur going forward. You can watch the clip here, and feel free to leave your comments on this blog.

Getting Help From Your Peers

One of the best things of trading in a group environment is that you can get help from those who sit around you. Yes, trading is a competitive arena but that doesn’t mean you can’t look for help within your group. We love working with Dr. Brett but unfortunately for us he cannot sit next to us every day to … Read More


Tomorrow is Opening Day!  All the statistics from last year are thrown out and we start anew.  Spring has arrived with its warmer weather, flowers blossoming and sunlight extended.  All those fans of non playoff teams gain a great gift- hope. No matter that the Tampa Rays failed to make the playoffs in 2009 as most predicted- this could be … Read More