Do You Know Your Greatest Trading Obstacle?

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An interesting thing happens when newer traders are asked about their greatest trading obstacle.  Much of the time you hear things like, “I need to stick to my plan more,” or, “I need to learn how to hold my winners longer”, or some other isolated behavior.  What newer traders need to realize it is not an isolated behavior, but instead … Read More

Anyone Make Money In Slow Markets?

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Recently one of the trainees in the chatroom asked me if the slow currency markets are normal as we conclude the summer months of this year.  My answer? Yes, we are still in holiday mode. I then explained my theory as to why we experience slow markets in general which is what I am going to explain to you in … Read More

Forex: Are Futures better than Spot?

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These days traders have so many choices in terms of what instrument they want to use to express their opinion in the markets.  There are mini futures, cfds,spot, ETFs, and regular futures contracts not to mention traditional stocks and bonds. So spread capital amongst all these products and combine that with a general lack of trust from the general public … Read More

Forex: Where’s the “Easy” Button?

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Many new traders are looking for a trustworthy resource that will hand them a strategy with a high percentage win rate, a stellar track record and a very short learning curve. This is reminiscent of the many attractive young women in New York City today who according to their online dating ads all seek the same guy: tall, handsome, full … Read More

Forex and Pizzerias?

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You have all heard the business analogy used a billion times in the trading world. And in case you haven’t, it goes something like this, “If you want to do well at trading, you must treat it like a business.”. Then they go on to cite some business examples and you pretty much get the rest of the idea. So … Read More