Try Not To Do The Heavy Lifting in Trading

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What I mean by this title is that once buyers (or sellers) have become committed to a move in a stock, there tends to be a general “bandwagon effect” as more and more people believe in a general change in trend, either to the long or short side. Let the big guys with much more money than you and me … Read More

Ask The Trading Doc: How Do I Take On More Risk?

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Hi, Mike. Thank you very much for writing The Playbook. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my own playbook is coming together nicely. I’m curious if you have any thoughts on what a trader can do to shift their psychological skew from Afraid to Lose to Afraid of Missing Out? Is it just a matter of screen time and repeatedly/mechanically taking the A+ … Read More

The Trading Technology You Must Have

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Mike, I’m in the first day of the equities foundation course and I have a quick question: What trading software is currently being used for intraday? Is this something that I get access to through SMB? Thank you! @mikebellafiore We use proprietary trading software Gr8 trade. It is only available to our in-house traders on our prop desk in NYC. … Read More

From The PlayBook: Trade a Bigger Account

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This latest excerpt from The PlayBook comes from Chapter 9: “Iceman: No Guts, No Glory”: — So let’s say that now you can risk 30 percent of your intraday stop loss and hold for the real move. Next you want to get even bigger. At this point, most incorrectly focus on adding share size. So if 5,000 was your biggest position, you … Read More

Getting Into Trading Shape: A Trader’s Story

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Hi Mike, September 1st 2013 makes it three years that I have been trading full time. I’m writing this email to seek your experienced trader’s counsel. I don’t have any job and I’ve been thinking about my experiences trading, which for the most part have left me bitter. You must be wondering how I’m still continuing to trade after three … Read More

Do Not Sell This Position

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Hi Mike, First of all I would like to thank you for writing The Playbook! I’m not quite through it, but I’m already finding it extremely helpful and valuable. I wanted to share some challenges i am currently having regarding a situation where there is conflict between certain rules I follow for establishing when to close a position and one … Read More

From The PlayBook: Reasons2Sell

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Here’s our latest excerpt from The PlayBook. It comes from Chapter 3: “The Day Knight Capital Almost Fell (A Support Play)”. The chapter begins with a question: “How Do You Know When to Sell a Winning Position?” Dear Mike, I recently read One Good Trade and found it a quality read relative to all other books I’ve read. It has been … Read More