Everyday you must master your craft (Ray Lewis talks to traders)

Ray Lewis was talking to some football players but could have been talking to a bunch of traders.  Take some time and watch this video.  You are gonna want to get up and tackle someone on your desk afterwards (I advise against this).

Some of my favorite parts that are so applicable to trading:

1. “How much time are you wasting?”

2. “Everyday of my life I am trying to find a different way to get better.”

3. “I am training for a lifestyle.”

4. “Every single day you have to master your craft.”

5. “Harsh reality 1% make it.”

6. “Greatness is a lot of small things done well.”

7. “All I have is my work ethic.”

8. “Don’t ever let a day go by that you waste.”

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  1. A good companion post would be something about mental easing after long strenuous practice sessions. Can’t forget about that mental capital.

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