PlayBook Checkup: $CHTR

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Below is our newest installment of the 2014 edition of The PlayBook Checkup with Bella, author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook. During these sessions a trade archived by a Junior Trader from our desk will be reviewed by Bella. Attendance is free for SMBU Tools subscribers, who can also ask questions during the event. In this video a Junior Trader talks about … Read More

Market Commentary and Analysis

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In this short clip from our AM Meeting I break down recent SPY action and discuss my thought process for possible trading scenarios. Also highlighted two In Play stocks ARMH and TWTR with possible trading scenarios. Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, forex and futures. He has traded … Read More

The Reversal Trade: $TWTR

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The short setup that continues to yield the best results in this Raging Bull market is finding stocks that have run for several days and then looking for a “catalyst” for a change in direction. In our last Two Minute Trade Review, $AAPL had a news catalyst that created a short term top (currently about $20 lower). In this example I was … Read More

Spencer Trade Review–$AAPL “Sell The News Trade”

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One of the few short setups that has consistently worked in 2013 has been shorting stocks after extended moves that then gap higher after some sort of news catalyst. We saw this on Monday in $AMZN after the “drone story” on Sixty Minutes and again yesterday after $AAPL inked a deal with China Mobile that had been discussed ad infinitum … Read More

Webinar: The Future of Trading By Mike Bellafiore with BigMikeTrading

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Below is a webinar on The Future of Trading with Mike Bellafiore, author of The PlayBook and One Good Trade, presenting to the BigMikeTrading community. Mike discusses: * How pro traders are crystallizing their favorite setups * How pro traders are expressing their favorite setups in other products * How pro traders are becoming more bionic and leveraging the power … Read More

Webinar Recording–“Trading Fundamentals: Things Great Traders Do and Never Do” with Mike Bellafiore and John Hoagland

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If you missed this special presentation on “Trading Fundamentals: Things Great Traders Do and Never Do” with Mike Bellafiore and John Hoagland from, this is your opportunity to watch it. They discussed what separates great traders from the rest of the pack. Please sign up below to watch the recording:   no relevant positions