How to Overcome Limitations of Common Options Trading Income Strategies

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Why Smart Options Traders Match the Strategy to the Conditions Are you frustrated with the lack luster returns and poor performance of most so called “income trades?” Directional and trend following traders tend to take repeated losses in sideways markets.  Most common strategies such as buying stock, covered calls, naked puts and bull verticals and collars do very poorly in … Read More

How to Successfully Trade Options Without Timing the Market

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How to Replace Your Obsession with Timing the Market You see the enemy every time you look in the mirror. Your greatest attribute is also your greatest weakness. The desire to be right. The 2014 market conditions has led the mass of traders to quiet moments of desperation. A funeral march to the proverbial trader’s grave. All inflicted with the … Read More

Why Blindly Following Your Options Trading Rules Eventually Leads to Failure

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Trading rules are designed to help us make money and eventually become a better trader. Unfortunately market conditions change. The static examples you find in trading education don’t  provide guidance to navigate new price action. This is where the rubber hits the road and where success or failure lives or dies. How do you adapt? What is your plan after the perfect … Read More

Options Trading for Income with John Locke for May 12, 2014

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No relevant positions Risk disclaimer ALL of the May expiration sample TRADES on the website have been closed at a HEALTHY PROFIT.  Be sure to watch this replay of Option Trading for Income Weekly Update for the RESULTS! John LockeBe sure to visit our trading blog: And check out this video:…